As if waking up from a thousand-year sleep in the morning

Early in the morning, when the canal is still calm and the sun has just begun to rise, you may see a small boat for clam-digging disturbing the mirror-like surface of the water, evoking a sense of nostalgia and wanderlust. This scenery is not artificially created but rather a reflection of the daily life that has been carried on since ancient times. At Funjyuso, we hope to assist in creating such beautiful memories that will stay in your heart. We invite you to visit our inn and experience it for yourself.


Special Movie of Japanese-style Resort "Monjusou"

We provide a space where you can feel the healing power of the stunning scenery and natural beauty of Amanohashidate, while enjoying the comfortable stay and serene waterfront landscape, all based on the concept of "Japanese-style resort," inheriting the vision of Mr. Jumpei Yoshimura.